Founder of Star Medical Clinic

Dr Mirabelle

MBBS, BSc (Med) University of Melbourne, FRACGP, DCH

Dr Mirabelle graduated from Melbourne University for her medical Bachelor Degree. Since then, she has worked in numerous Australian based hospitals and Australian based general practice clinic.

She is born in Taiwan and grew up in Australia. Therefore, she has an understanding of multicultural community differences in medical needs and able to attend to these in professional manners.

Dr Mirabelle will be running medical clinics to provide a community clinic to make clients feel welcomed and looked after by our medical team in our Star Medical Clinic.

Apart from the community general medical care, we also run corporate health check ups and vaccination programs.

Dr Mira completed her medical education, internship, residency as well as general practice (GP) speciality training in Australia. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin and has had many years of experience caring for communities in metro and rural areas and different cultural and social diversity, and she enjoys interacting and helping patients of all types and ages.

Dr Mira is very passionate about her work in general practice as well as cosmetic medicine:

In the general practice field, Dr Mira is inspired to always do her best to help every patient to achieve the best possible outcome whether the focus is on prevention of treatment of existing conditions.

In the area of cosmetic medicine, Dr Mira places a strong focus on providing customers with cosmetic advises and treatments in a clinically safe environment with her practice being compliant to the Australian medical standards to ensure that the health and wellbeing of her customers are always the top priority while working together to achieve the best cosmetic results possible.

As a fully qualified medical professional, Dr Mira takes pride in her work, and the potential to improve her customers’ quality of life through cosmetic medicine. She will always stay true to herself and holds her integrity high by making sure she always does the following:

  • Do not advocate procedures that are unnecessary.
  • Only carry out procedures after fully communicated to the customers and receiving explicit consent to proceed.
  • Always follow up with the customers to check the progress of their recovery and conduct an evaluation to determine if desired outcome has been achieved, address any concerns customers may have, then decide on the next course of action if extended monitoring or further treatments may be required.

Dr Mira works as a general practice doctor, focusing in general medicine but also in Women’s health, Children’s Health, Skin Cancer screening and preventative medicines – knee joint PRP, hair loss PRP and also other cosmetic medicines.

Dr Mira also manages the Star Beauty Cosmetic to enhance client’s exterior to prevent aging. She is also part of the Hair Doctor Sydney Hair Transplant clinic operating the advanced Artas IX Robotic Hair transplant machine to assist those with mild to moderate hair loss to have beautiful hair transplant with minimal invasion and faster recovery.

Star Beauty Cosmetic:

Hair Doctor Sydney:

Instagram: @drmirabelle